Progress and Patience

I am one of those people who sets goals and really wants to accomplish them.  I really do.  Most of the time though, I get too distracted with my new goals to care about my old goals.  But this year I really want to get stuff done.    I have 45  New Years Resolutions this year.  45!  They’re broken down into 5 categories: Financial, Fitness/Health, Personal, Horses, and House.  Most of them are really small goals, like “go jogging with Clay and Jackson on warm spring days” (this did not happen), or “clean the floor in the laundry room” (also did not happen).  Of the 45 I feel comfortable saying I have stuck with 4.  So clearly I’m a bit of a flake when it comes to my own aspirations.  I let myself off the hook by finding something else to be obsessed with.

Dressage PyramidThe problem with my attitude and Dressage is that you can’t skip on to the next thing until you’ve mastered what you’re currently working on.  My goal with Savy is to reach the highest level of training that we’re capable of, optimally Grand Prix.  So even though I am sick of riding 20 meters circles and trying to get her just a little bit rounder with each ride, I have to stick with it.  I can’t let myself off the hook because without the basics we have no chance of mastering the advanced stuff.   I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m not a little bit disappointed that we’re not further along in our training.  The problem I’ve realized is me.  I need more time to learn and gain experience.  I did just start riding Dressage in September, and I don’t have the privilege of having a schoolmaster to learn on.  In an effort to find patience I decided to make a list of all the progress we have made.  Just starting this list made me realize that it could be really long, and that we have come a long way 🙂

1. Savy accepts contact with the bit

2. Savy has no problem moving forward and my seat has become strong enough that I no longer get “taken back” or feel the need to pull back on the reins

3. I can keep my shoulders straight instead of forward (like in hunters)

4.  I can sit the canter

5. Savy has become quicker in response to the queue for canter

6. Savy is bending to left

7. Savy is respectful enough of my leg that I can supple her to each side during the trot without her coming off the rail.

*Of course most of our progress is due to my fabulous and talented trainers – Nicole Harrington and Megan Pifer*