Pregnancy Update

I reached six months pregnant recently and suddenly I realized that there’s a baby at the end of all this.  Obvious, I know, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day realities of pregnancy. Between the morning sickness (which still shows up every morning promptly at 9:30) to the emotional outbursts, some days it’s all I can do just to get through the day. I’m lucky to have really awesome people in my life that forgive me for my dark moods, my sometimes overwhelming anxiety and my extreme irritability.  I may not show it very well, but I appreciate the people in my life now more than ever.  I literally could not get through this without the kindness of others.  And….now I’m crying.  Oh yeah, I ugly cry at my desk at work at least once a week. And in my car.  This is pregnancy.

That being said, seriously cool things are happening. We found out the gender – a BOY! We picked a name – Colton Davis! And little man has started moving around like crazy. I cannot describe the pure happiness I feel when he starts rocking and rolling, especially if he’s been quiet for a while.    And surprisingly/not surprising, my husband and I are closer than ever.  A long time ago Clay asked me if he and Savy were hanging off a cliff, which one would I choose. We all know what the answer used to be, but now I’d pick Clay.  If I’m being a gigantic B for no reason, rather than get angry he will gently ask me if I’m ok, at which point I will confess grumpiness. Sometimes I can stop being a gigantic B, but sometimes I just have to go to bed. He’s stepped up in ways that have surprised both of us I think, as Clay used to claim he was incapable of taking care of someone.

I stopped riding at 22 weeks after a 15 minute ride lamed me for 2 days. My body resolutely said NO MORE, you are done. While I miss riding, I have a big baby bump. My balance is off and I admit I waddle. Considering how much of a challenge walking is, I know I couldn’t ride right now even if I wanted to. Actually, if everyone could stop asking if I’m having twins that would be really nice 🙂 Still, I’m proud I made it to 5 1/2 months before I had to quit.

Since we don’t ride anymore I’ve committed myself to thorough grooming, lunging and ground driving.  I’ll bribe the hubs to come take some video soon so everyone can see what I mean by ground driving.


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