January Training Update

As I mentioned in my last post Savy has been in training with Nicole since December.  She did two weeks of full training and now we’re doing partial training, with Nicole riding 3 days a week and me riding 3 days, with one of those days being a lesson.  At least that’s the theory.  Neither of us has gotten to ride consistently due to the freaking freezing, totally unfair, artic blasts.

These pictures are from the first week of Savy’s full time training.  I apologize for the large number of headless rider shots 🙂

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 102

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 093

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 086

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 062

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 043

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 040

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 038

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 027

Nicole Riding Savy 1st Week 108

These pictures are from yesterday.  Savy is more balanced, through and not as heavy on her forehand.








This video is from me riding on Saturday. Savy hadn’t been worked in almost a week because of the weather and she was definitely feeling like a 4 year old Arabian.  The wind was blowing like crazy and snow was sliding off the roof the whole time.  We were both all over the place but I think the connection is more steady and the canter has definitely improved!



Majestic Farm January Blast Show

Despite snow storms and a high of 26 degrees, the first show of 2014 was a success!  The secret to our success?? Nicole!  And snow pants… but mostly Nicole!  Savy has been in regular training with Nicole since December and it’s made a world of difference.  Savy is like a different horse.  She’s quick off the leg, soft and supple in the connection and has no attitude!  My bucking bronco doesn’t buck anymore.  The few times I’ve thought I felt her buck she was actually engaging her hind end and reaching underneath herself.  She jumps into the canter now…at least when I can get my shit together and ask for a proper canter transition.  The first time it happened I had to ask Nicole what she was doing.  I had never felt anything like it.  I could literally feel her back legs underneath my seat.  It’s an incredible feeling.

Back to the show – Nicole started the day off with a 68% at training 1 on Savy.  It was Savy’s first time showing training level and she did awesome.  The best part is that even though she got a 68%, which is awesome, she could still have done better.  The viewing gallery really caught her attention down centerline and she was struggling a bit in the footing.  The new footing at Majestic is really deep, so she was working harder than normal.  The judge was all smiles at the end of the test, asking about her breeding and exclaiming over her cuteness.

Savy and I showed in Intro B & C, and got our best scores yet!  We ended up with a 70% in Intro B and a 68% in Intro C.  We got 8s for the first time and a lot of them!  Our scores would have been higher but our centerlines sucked.  They really, really sucked.  They were never good to begin with but once Savy noticed the viewing room she just wanted to stop and stare.  Training level is this close…hopefully by the next show we’ll be ready.

At the end of the day we came home with one blue ribbon and two red.  Savy was an angel.  She stayed totally calm while trailering and in her stall at Majestic.  My baby girl is growing up!

And we beat the snow by minutes on our way home…overall this was an awesome show experience!