Checking In – A New Job!

I’ve been a bad blogger. A couple of months ago I was rocking and rolling with almost two posts a week.  These days not so much.  So much has changed and happened in the last few months.  Most dramatically, I have a new job.  I’m basically doing the same thing, but for a different company closer to home. My old company was moving downtown, and since I live way out in the boondocks, the commute would have seriously impacted my quality of life.  Everything about this job change was different than my previous experiences.  I only started looking for a new job because we were moving.  I liked the company, I liked my work and I liked the people.  It was hard to leave.  I blasted out my resume one Thursday at lunch and by the next week I had set up my interview for what would be my new job.  Two weeks later I had a fresh job offer and gave my notice to Bell.  I like my new job, but things move slower here so even after a month I’m not totally ingrained in my position.  I find myself actually missing the work I did at Bell.  I’m not sure I’ve ever left a job and missed it before…this is new territory for me.

Everything happened so fast, and so quickly on the heels of our wedding and our first rated show, that I felt un-centered and out of touch with myself. I felt stretched too thin, like a rubber band ready to snap.  Savy and I went through a rough patch and I’m sure it had something to do with my strange emotional state for those few weeks.

The biggest change with my new job, aside from the pace of work (which is a good thing), is that our office is totally open. I have no privacy.  I can look down the row of desks and see everyone without moving from my computer.  I’ve always had a large, private cube, so this is weird.  AND cellphone are prohibited due to the nature of our business (pharmaceutical services dealing with patient info).  Even the managers are only in open air, large-ish cubicles with doors but no ceilings.  Four executives sit behind me, including my new manager.  This is weird: my new manager has the same birthday as my old manager, and they both workout at the same Crossfit gym and they know each other.  There’s nothing more unsettling knowing that your old boss and new boss are talking about you.

I am optimistically hopeful that Savy and I are past the “moving to first level hissy fit” stage. I had a truly wonderful ride on her last Tuesday.  She was consistent in the contact, gave me no attitude, and we got to practice leg yields and lengthening’s at the trot and canter.  Last Thursday I was sick so I only did a short, easy ride that I really don’t remember since I was in my cold haze.  Saturday I spent the whole day planning, shopping for, and setting up my brother’s romantic backyard engagement proposal.  I am looking forward to my lesson this week.

Savy and I are getting back in the show ring in November at Training 2 & 3. We’re going to a schooling show and I’m totally ready to actually school her in the ring.  She’s already learned that the show ring is different than the warm up and has gotten pretty lazy and behind the leg.  My goal for the winter is to make our tests as nice as our warm ups.


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