A Day in the Life – Dressage Shows (Day 1)

I got the idea for this post from this fun blog.  I like her Day in the life too.  She got her inspiration from another blog and so on, so this really isn’t an original idea, but it was fun to write.


4:30 am: Yes you read that right.  Wake up in the middle of the night to very sleepy and cuddly kitties.

4:31 am: Too excited to snooze so instead take a hot bath and cruise facebook during my allocated “there’s no way I’ll be able to wake up at 5 am without snoozing so I better set my alarm for a half hour earlier” time.

5:00 am: Carefully apply eyeliner and mascara.  No blush because my face turns beat red whilst exercising.  Especially while covered head to toe in show clothing.  In August.

5:05 am: Slick hair back into bun. Adorn cute hairnet (well…as cute as a hairnet can be) with rhinestones.

5:10 am: Debate about which earrings to wear with self.  The dangly ones, the plain studs or the gold pearls.  Go with sparkly studs.

5:15 am: Organize show clothes…pet kitties.

5:30 am: Leave.

5:58 am: Stop at UDF for coffee and breakfast. Other people are at UDF.  Notice they are not wearing show clothes…why else  in the world would they up this early??

6:05 am: Arrive at show grounds to find trainer has already fed horses (score!)

6:10 am: Chat excitedly with still half asleep trainer.

6:15 am: Start braiding hair

6:30 am: Braiding

7:00 am: Braiding

7:15 am: Still braiding

7:30 am: Finish braiding

7:31 am: Proudly show trainer braids

7:32 am: Savy shakes her head and 3 braids fall out

7:40 am: Finish re-braiding fallen braids

8:01 am:  Watch trainers awesome ride

8:15 am: Hurriedly saddle and bridle Savy

9:08 am: Horse bolts in warm up ring (not my horse) and dumps rider (not my trainer).  I am reminded of my own bolting experiences and freak out.

9:09 am: Trainer rides Savy in her first ever First level test.  I nervously watch from the sidelines.  Am too shaky from the bolting horse to take good pictures.

9:30 am: Ok…I’m ready for lunch.  How is it only 9:30!

10:00 am: Wait for class

10:30 am: Wait for class and start to get nervous

11:00 am: Wait for class and start sweating

11:30 am: Eat pizza for lunch.  Start peeing every 15 minutes (nervous bladder).

11:45 am: Pee.

12:00 pm: Pee.

12:15 pm: Pee.  Realize mascara has run and wash off all make-up.

12:30 pm: Saddle up for class.

12:45 pm: Run to restroom for one last pee.

12:50 pm: Mount up.

1:00 pm: Rock my warm up and ride the best I’ve ever ridden in my life.

1:32 pm: Enter ring for test.

1:33 pm: Feel like puking.

1:34 pm: Head down centerline.  Blackout.

1:38 pm: Exit arena dripping with sweat.

1:50 pm: Nervously wait for test scores.

2:00 pm: Check for test scores.

2:10 pm: Check for test scores.

2:20 pm: Check for test scores.

2:30 pm: Get second place!!!

6:30 pm: Finally leave the show for home.


Pictures from the horse show will be coming soon!!






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