A Horsey Honeymoon – Part V

This is the last post about our honeymoon and it’s all about our last day on the ranch.  It was that cool.  We started the day as usual; delicious hot breakfast at 8:30, and then down to the coral for a ride.  This wasn’t just any ride though, it was the cattle drive.  The first part of a cattle drive is finding the cattle.  We got to ride through natural mountain bluffs and through the woods without a trail.  Our wrangler encouraged us to spread out, and look for cattle. If something looked interesting I could go take a look.  Clay thought it was fun to get behind our wrangle and moo, and I found some logs to hop over.  I could have done that all day.  Eventually another group found the cattle and we all met up with them for the big drive back to the farm.


The whole herd waiting to head back to the ranch. Not very exciting except for when the bull kept trying to get busy. Down boy, down!


That’s Clay on Brutis.


The actual drive. I’m in the pink with the straw hat. Cattle drives would be much easier if all the cows would just stay on the road. (I totally wanted to bring that buckskin draft cross home)


Once we got back to the ranch the real work began: tagging and branding the calves. It was hard to watch much less participate in but Clay was great at it. Once again revealing his true cowboy nature.


This didn’t hurt the babies, although he did lift him a little too high.


One of the best pics of the week…imo


After the calves were taken care of we had the choice of driving them back out again or taking a nap.  We took a nap.  Then we got all dressed up for a cocktail party at the owners house.  The house was gorgeous, the booze free and we’d already drunk our complementary bottle of champagne while getting ready.  After cocktail hour we headed to the saloon for dancing (mostly on the bar) and to play pool.  I drank too much and told the owner I was going to come back and work for him.  And truly I was less homesick as I was ready to ship my animals out to the ranch.  Ranch living is definitely a style that suited us.


Our besties for the week. Kyle and Alisha…best wranglers ever!

wrangers 2

Um yeah…I mentioned the free booze right??

stuffed cat

This gigantic stuffed cat was the first thing you see in the owners house.


View from the owners house.


Boot Scooting Boogie

Boot Scootin’ Boogie


Totally sober dancing on the bar.


saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to Banjo


I was so sad to leave the ranch I cried. I wish I could magically go back for an hour or two every week to get my fix.




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