A Horsey Honeymoon – Part IV

Although riding was the main attraction, we had fun doing other things.  We got to raft down the Colorado river.  That was pretty cool.  The rapids were pretty weak, I don’t think anything got to even a 3, but it was still beautiful.  And cold.  Apparently water that was snow the day before feels like ice water…duh.  I think this is a good time to mention that it was pretty cold on our honeymoon.  June in Colorado is definitely not summer, and after the winter we had I was not happy to see snow.  Also, 60 & 70s feels way colder in the semi-desert, high altitude climate of the Rockies than it does in the Ohio River Valley.  On the plus side I got to wear all of my cute jean jackets.

rafting 4

rafting 2

rafting 3

rafting 1


Friday evening found us in Steamboat Springs, a gorgeous little ski town that hosts a weekly rodeo.  We ate, we drank and we watched crazy cowboys get bucked off.

Steamboat by river

I really do miss wearing my cowgirl get up….it’s way more comfy than my office skirts and dresses.


First you get bucked off…


Then you get chased.


I’m glad Savy doesn’t throw out bucks like that!


Just found this pic and had to share…hilarious!!


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