July Training Update

7.14A training update is long, long overdue.  Mine and Savannah’s relationship under saddle has greatly improved.  She actually takes me seriously now and doesn’t try to bully me or evade my aids.   She listens to me!!  At least for the most part.  Connection is still an issue but it’s getting better.  I made a lot of progress before the wedding insanity happened, but since then I’ve lost a lot of ground.  Two months off will do that I guess.  Lucky it does seem to be coming back pretty quickly.  Which is a good thing since Savy and I are going to our first rated show in August.    We have only 4 weeks to prepare.  I was ready to back out after my first lesson since the wedding but Nicole seems to think we’re ready.  If it’s terrible then it’s terrible and I can use that as motivation.  Savy and I will be doing training 2 (most likely) and Nicole will be doing first level.  I am definitely more excited about watching Nicole ride her in the big ring.

7.14 2My videographer is off strike and back on duty.  I suppose now that we’re married he doesn’t have an option anymore 🙂  Still, he sacrificed his Saturday morning to come watch me ride in circles and he took a video of us practicing training 2.  It’s really easy to see exactly what my problems are with connection in the video.  I use my hand too much when I should be using my fingers, I let the reins get too long at times, and I really need to start using my core more effectively.  We lowered my stirrups a hole in my last lesson and it’s made a big difference in my seat, but I need to work on stretch down through my hips/heels.


Overall I don’t think it’s terrible, but it’s not show ring ready.  We need to work on our halt, and I don’t think I ever touched the rail at E during our 20 meter circles.  Savy was counter-bent after C going left and I would have liked more stretch in the stretchy trot.  She jigged a bit in the free walk but that’s not normal for us.



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