A Horsey Honeymoon – Part III

We did a lot of cool things on our honeymoon, but the coolest was the trail riding.  We rode to the top of a mountain.  Seriously.  To the top of a mountain.  We were fairly vertical near the top and surprisingly I was never afraid.  Banjo took care of me.  Clay seemed totally comfortable horseback.  He also got to experience trotting, cantering, and spooking for the first time.  He’s a regular cowboy now.

We shot shotguns…I want to say a 20 & 22 gage.  I shot whichever had the smallest kickback and a rifle.  Both were fun, but I liked the rifle better.  Speaking of kickbacks, I sported a nice bruise on my arm for about two weeks.  I didn’t hold the gun right the first shot, but it’s not the kind of mistake you make twice.


I actually hit a clay pigeon on my second try!


He looks an awful lot like a cowboy here!


I had no idea Clay could shoot, but he hit most of his clay pigeons.


I look pretty good holding a shotgun 🙂


Heading up the mountain


Cute butts!!


Dork. The photographer was a fan of jump shots.


Top of the mountain!


Pack camp. Roughing it luxury dude ranch style.


It was freezing! And we had a wind storm with winds up to 40mph. Pack came was on a beautiful natural bluff, and we got served dinner from and open fire. Not too shabby.


Us with one of the owners. By the end of the week we felt like one of the family.


Yes those are winter jackets and wool hats. In June. But I do miss that hot breakfast every morning.


Bacon. We ate obscene amounts of bacon.


Our first day we took an 1 1/2 hour ride to Jakes Lake, where we had steaks cooked on the fire and cold beers. Clay ended up spending a lot of time fishing there with our wrangler throughout the week.


Yes there was live music.


Our wrangler and us in yet another jump shot. I really like this one though.


Double butt 🙂


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