Winter Blues

8d24fc500f1f58b226fe8ad9d47a4086Missing Savy hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday.  I was soooo excited that I would finally be able to ride more than once this week, but the super scary snow/ice storm blew in at exactly the same time I wanted to be on Savy’s back.  I still stopped by the barn to visit and give her a quick grooming (despite the stern warming from my mother), but it’s not the same.  A rushed visit with a curry comb and a hoof pick is not enough to satisfy my barn/Savannah craving.  I’m actually only writing this post because I miss her.  Writing about her makes me feel more connected to her, weirdly.

I worry that our connection is suffering.  With Savy being in training 3 days a week and with the frigid weather, there’s not much I can do at the barn.  Once it’s below freezing I feel bad even taking her blanket off to groom her, and I feel so completely confident that Nicole and the barn staff take such excellent care of her that I don’t even need to check on her.  I’ve decided to make her bran mashes so that she at least remembers me as the lady who brings her yummy awesome treats.

Yes.  I realize I’m pouting.

In other news I got to ride my trainer’s horse Star.  He’s super fancy and super fun to ride.  He’s for sale and the lady interested in him asked for a video with someone else riding him.  Here’s the video 🙂

While I was on youtube I found a video of this awesome barn!  I want this place!


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