Sittin’ on the Bench

A neck injury has me sitting the bench this week.  No riding for me.  Last Tuesday night I slept funny, but I decided to push through it on Wednesday and ride.  Big mistake.  While cantering to the left I felt something snap.  After a few days off I decided to try riding bareback, thinking I wouldn’t work as much.  Turns out there is no aspect of riding a horse that’s not high impact.  So I’m actually giving myself some time to heal.  And I went to chiropractor!  I figured if Savy can do it I can do it.  The doc said I have a sprained disk and that I should just rest my neck.  Like literally just lay on a pillow all evening, or a recliner.

Life has forced me into taking a break.  I miss riding so much.  I’ve been watching youtube videos and becoming green with envy looking at the pictures from the ranch we’re going to for our honeymoon.  I can’t wait to get back in the saddle!  But I have to admit a break has been nice.   I am less stressed out and I’ve actually started feeling my normal zeal for life that’s been missing lately.  Work doesn’t seem overwhelming anymore.  Maybe my neck injury was my body’s way of saying “Hey lady!  Take it easy for a while!”.

Still…I can’t wait to get back to work with Savy 🙂



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