Tough Choices

FunnyMy fiance and I recently got into an argument over money (go figure).  His claim “All of my money is “our” money and all of your money is “your” money” (eye roll).  At first I denied him…I never spend any money on myself….but then I started thinking.  I don’t spend any money on myself, but I do spend a lot of money on my horse.  Like a lot of money.  I’m out of control actually.  In the 10 months that I’ve owned Savy I’ve bought three complete different sets of tack, 4 blankets, been to 4 horse shows where I spent anywhere from $200-$300, had 3 visits to the chiropractor (for Savy), and been in training the entire time.  Also, I just switched to a premium farrier.  Only the best for my baby.  This is all good and fine but my fiance and I are actually getting married (gasp!), and paying for most of it ourselves.  In the spirit of compromise I decided to forgo showing until after the wedding.

This does not mean Savy and I will stop training!  If anything I feel even more driven.  Instead of focusing on schooling shows in Intro classes, I’ve got my sights set on Level One in rated shows.  We have a loooong way to go before we get to level one, but I’ve got 11 months before I can even think about showing again.  And we finally had a breakthrough with connection!! Now, if I could just get my butt to stay in the saddle during the canter.  Savy’s canter feels like riding a sling shot.

In the meantime, I’m going to start braiding for hire. My friend has graciously offered to let me practice on her horse for the upcoming show.  This way I’ll still be involved in showing and I’ll be making extra money for the wedding 🙂

Here’s a video clip from our latest lesson.  We’re doing better!!  I still need to work on consistent connection.  I like the reins to be too loose.  But overall we’re doing much better than a few months ago!


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