Training, training, training…& Video

The cats at the barn tried to attack Savy!!  At least that’s what she thinks.  While taking a little hack around the farm after a ride, two cats started fighting and chasing each other.  Savy of course thought they were coming after her and bolted.  This horse has never bolted before. Normally I have the opposite problem.  So we were just walking not paying attention and I had the reins totally loose.  It took me 5 or 6 strides to get her in check before we almost ran into the barn!  Now we can’t take hacks around the farm by ourselves.  You never know where those cats are hiding, and she is always on the lookout.

Related to the cat event…the first week back to work after the last show Savy was very spooky.  I couldn’t tell if she was in heat, or sore, or if something else was going on, but luckily she has returned to her sensible self.  The funny thing about Savy is that she never spooks if I’m walking next to her, or if she’s with another horse.  But if I’m on her back  it’s like she feels vulnerable or something.  It makes me worry that she doesn’t trust me enough, although it’s more likely that it’s just because she’s 4.

In other news, Savy and I have been hitting it hard to get ready for our next show June 1st.  Nicole is an awesome trainer, she’s challenging, and we’re seeing some results.  Our lessons last as long as my legs last.  I actually had to ask her to get on and canter Savy because my legs gave out but she needed to do it.  I can see the difference is us though.   Savy is learning how to stretch over her back and reach for the bit.  She’s developing some muscles in her neck and on her bum 🙂  She’s really becoming a lot of fun to ride!  Also, I have finally gotten over my fear of cantering her.  For a while it felt like she was drastically unbalanced during the canter, but turns out my girth was too big and the saddle was sliding around.  I love when it’s an easy fix like that 🙂  So now that I have a new girth we can canter without feeling like we’re drunk.

I have a couple videos of us cantering but don’t judge us…her canter is still raw and I haven’t worked on getting her over her back at all.  At this point I’m happy for a quick transition and not breaking.  Also, check out her spook…I think it rattled Clay more than Savy or I.  A bird swooped in the arena.  Scary birds.


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