Back to Work

babies march 009Two weeks after Savy’s fall she was ready to get back to work.  She’d been living the high life eating hay and hanging out with her friends in the pasture. She let us know exactly what she thought about being under saddle again.  I had a couple of decent rides, but I hadn’t tried the canter yet and I could feel her attitude skimming under the surface.  I knew there would be lots of bucking so I got Megan on her.  She had one hell of a ride.  Savy’s bucks have gotten bigger as she’s gotten stronger.  I happened to catch her coming down from a big leap buck. That’s her tail straight up in the air that looks like a tree (it’s braided) and all four feet are off the ground. 

But in 3 rides we went from 20 bucks to only 1.  Her lateral work has been awesome and she’s not bucking during the canter transition.  Looks like we’re not going to make my goal of showing training level at the next show, but we might be able to do Intro C. 

babies march 005


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