Sweet Sunday

Before this weekend rolls around I just want to take a minute immerse myself in the sweetness of this past Sunday.  It was our first warm day in months and I spent the whole day outside luxuriating.  After hours in the balmy wind and warm sun I was as relaxed as I am after a massage.  It’s like the feeling you get when someone plays with your hair or runs their fingers lightly on your arm.  Your skin feels all tingly and your mind is on a natural high.  Yeah, I like warm weather.  After all, I felt this way while I was cleaning stalls.  I like feeling like I have hours and hours to spend at the barn, all in perfect comfort.  The only reason I left was because I was starving and Megan (my trainer and the farm owner) made me homemade lasagna that I couldn’t wait to dig into.  Then, a couple of hours later I came up to the barn again, just for the heck of it. 
My best friend Nicki and her son Christian also came up to the barn on Sunday to enjoy the weather and visit Savy.  Nicki made the mistake of telling me she wanted to learn about horses when I first bought Savy, so she got to groom her and lead her around.  She even picked out her front and back feet, which is a scary thing when you’re first learning how to be around horses.  I even have a picture to prove it. (Also, turns out pictures are really easy to post onto here). 
Christian brushing Savy


Savy gets lots of treats when visitors come (her head looks so big!)


Nicki is so sweet, she’s more worried about hurting Savy than she is about getting kicked

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